Low Maintenance Gardening

Home Improvement

Spring is right around the corner, and if you look around you can see that things are already starting to bloom.  We all have busy lives and you should strive to make your garden low maintenance.  

Here are some tips to surround yourself with beauty, all while keeping down the workload.  

Have a Good Design

Having a well thought out realistic plan is key when it comes to any kind of gardening.  Take on one project at a time so you are not overwhelming yourself.  To test your green thumb, I suggest starting with a planter or a small raised bed.  Make sure whatever you choose to do is close to your kitchen so that it is easily accessible, and I always recommend www.pinterest.com for amazing design plans.  

Choose Plants Wisely

Have fun with your garden, and indulge in what you and your family love to eat.  Keep in mind that there are low and high maintenance fruits and vegetables, and so you will want to choose short term guests like lettuces, and kale.  In fact, kale is one of the best vegetables to grow in the Puget Sound region because it is hearty, easy, and you can grow it all year round.  If you get bored of kale, you can get creative and make kale chips!  

Maybe You Prefer Flowers

Some easy flowers to start with are marigolds, nasturtiums, and cosmos, and if you feel ambitious you can always work your way up to growing harder ones like peonies, dahlias, or roses.  Adding flowers to your yard in the winter really adds color and happiness during those dark winter months.  

Mulch, Mulch, and Mulch

This one is a must!  For the lazy gardener who especially does not want to spend time pulling weeds, I highly recommend using mulch wherever you can.  In fact, if you do this you will spend less time, water, weeding, and fertilizing.  Mulching also prevents soil erosion, and it adds organic matter to your garden.  You can only go right with mulching!  

 I hope these tips have helped give you some ideas for ways to be more productive and love your garden.