Spring Motivation & Inspiration

Home Improvement

This winter has been long, and we are at the homestretch of the rainy season.  During this time of year I like to find things that inspire me and get me excited for the beautiful summer ahead.  

While it is easy to feel stuck in what seems like the perpetual gloom of the rainy Pacific Northwest, I find that having a beautiful and inspiring environment inside my home can make all of the difference.  

Here are a few suggestions of things you can do to your house to perk things up!

1.  Fresh Flowers

There is nothing like adding a beautiful array of colors to your home. I recommend going to Pike's Place Market or even just Trader Joe's and purchasing a bundle of fresh cut flowers.  You can easily split up the bunch, cut them short and place them in small mason jars.  Placing these colorful flowers in the rooms where you spend the most time in will make all the difference in your mood.  You can even take a bouquet to your office and place them on your desk.  This is a gift everyone should give to themselves.

2.  Light Up Your World

Take a close look around your house to see where it might be darker than you would like.  How does the living room feel?  Placing stylish looking lamps strategically around your house can offer not only a fresh look, but it can also bring brightness into a dark and weary room.  Of course the best place to get maximum lighting is going for a walk outside.  Embrace the rain, bundle up, and go for a brisk walk.  This will really boost your mood during these last couple of months!  When you come back to your well lit home, the outside refreshment will follow you right inside. 

3.  Refresh Your Playlist

Playing some of your favorite music in the kitchen while cooking dinner, or while you are making breakfast to start the day is a great way to keep up your spirits.  In fact your playlist should be your sidekick in life, and it does not stop at music.  What about finding intriguing podcasts for your daily commute, or books on tape?  Anything that is positive and offers inspiration will always do the trick!

4.  Spring Cleaning

There is something refreshing about going through your closet and dresser and pulling out all of the clothes you do not wear and will never wear.  I highly recommend this ritual once a year during the Spring season.  You don't have to go crazy when it comes to your house, however, I do recommend deep cleaning and organizing your bathroom and kitchen drawers.  This one task alone will make you feel great!  

Oh and don't forget weekly fresh flowers!  

Happy Spring!